Detox Massage

The benefits of a Detox Massage:

  • Eliminate the excessive build up of fluids and toxins in the tissue
  • Reduce belly fat by stimulating fluid mobilization and metabolism
  • Increases lymphatic flow by 300% for 4 hours after each session
  • Increases blood flow by 400% for 6 hours following each session
  • Feel younger and lighter after one week (3 sessions) !

The lymphatic system, along with the liver, is responsible for much of the body’s natural detox, acting as our own internal waste disposal unit. Having no natural ‘pump’ of its own, the lymphatic system is dependent on strong muscles, efficient breathing and exercise for its function. An overload of toxins can prevent the lymphatic system from working properly, leading to lethargy or illness, but a detox massage stimulates this clever piece of human engineering into action, so that waste can be eliminated more easily.

Having a detox massage is a fantastic way of freeing your mind from stress and worry, both of which have physical effects on your body’s capacity to handle waste. Stress and exhaustion can lead to illness as we put our systems under constant pressure to perform, and we can often forget, or struggle to find the time, to take good care of ourselves. Convenience meals eaten on the run, liquid lunches and burning the candle at both ends will leave both mind and body feeling the worse for wear. It is time to DETOX !