Swedish Massage: 60 min

Price: 70$

Swedish massage employs a dynamic technique that encourages the circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids as well as eliminating toxins. You will enjoy special strokes designed to warm the muscles, release tension and break up knots.

Back Massage: 60 min

Price: 70$

Back pain happens to almost everyone at some point.  Specialized back massage provides greater flexibility, since relaxed muscles and limber joints allow for improved range of motion.

Detox Massage: 45 min

Price: 120$

Detox Massage aims to eliminate the excessive build up of fluids and toxins in the tissue released by fat cells into the body tissue and the blood.

Slimming Massage: 45 min

Price: 120$

Releases localized fat in depth (arms, back, waist and stomach, saddlebags and thighs ) to slim the entire body. Target 1 or 2 area for each express treatment.

Lipomassage: 45 min

Price: 120$


Energy Balancing Massage: 60 min

Price: 70$

Reiki massage therapy promotes mental calm, inner peace and general well­being by transferring “the universal energy” to your own vital force. The practitioner will focus on a position for several minutes before moving on to another position, covering the head, the torso, the knees and feet.

Post Natal massage: 45 min

Price: 120$

The post-natal massage helps a new mum to get back in shape quicker by reducing excess baby weight and contouring the body. It also helps to tighten the skin and minimize stretch marks. The treatments can start right after natural delivery or 4 weeks after c-section.



Accelerate the adipolysis process while diffusing molecule heat where cellulite is formed. The method causes a fever reaction in adipocytes, which in return releases the stored fat to regulate the tissue temperature.

Vacuum Massage:

Price: 100$

Aimed at the treatment of cellulite, fat reduction, correction of body contouring and skin lifting. Helps boost the production of collagen and elastin in the body for natural skin tightening in targeted areas.

Lipomassage Express: 20 min

Price: 65$

Dynamic Massage that increases circulation and helps with elimination of toxins and excess weight.

Lipomassage Full body: 45

Price: 120$

Dynamic Massage that increases circulation and helps with elimination of toxins and excess weight.

Total Body Care: 45 min

Price: 120 $

Refines the overall silhouette, smoothes the “orange peel” aspect and firms the skin.

Glow: 45 min

Price: 120$

Gently exfoliates, reactivates the microcirculation to even out the complexion and improve skin glow

Eyes and Lips: 45 min

Price: 120$

Smoothes wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, lifts the eyelids to enhance the look and replumps the lips.

Fluid mobilization: 45 min

Price: 120$

Drains toxins and “reoxygenates” the skin for a purified and radiant complexion

Firming Ergolift: 45 min

Price: 120$

Firm the skin and reduce the double chin for redefined contours.

Decollete and Bust: 45 min

Price: 120$

Redensifies the tissues from within, fills in wrinkles and firms the skin for a visibly smoothed décolleté


Price: 100$

Exfoliate the skin and remove the dead skin cells, stimulate the production of new collagen fibers and improve blood circulation.

Radio Frequency Face:

Price 100$

Non-invasive technology by radio frequency aiming to break fatty cells to improve skin tone and elasticity.